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STOP #272

We traveled the 100 distance today without incident and arrived at Palo Duro Canyon State Park outside of Amarillo, TX. This is where we were visiting nearly two years ago, to the day, when the pandemic hit and we got kicked out of this Texas State Park. We are hoping to have better luck this visit and actually get to see the rest of the park we missed last time.

While I was checking us in at the Ranger Station Tricia walked across the street where they keep a few head of Texas Longhorn Steer in a corral.

Of course when you are handing a out fresh clean water by the bucket full you'll attract other wildlife too, like these dozen or more Mule Deer who had no trouble hopping over the fence and keeping their distance from the steer.

At our previous site at Caprock Canyons State Park the campground was located up on the rim of the canyon. Here at Palo Duro State Park there are four campgrounds with electric/water hookups that are located some 800 feet down on the canyon floor.

Two years ago I remember how nervous this sign made me feel.

After coming around the corner I remember thinking, "Should we really be doing this?"

Especially after seeing all those bowling ball sized rocks in the gutter next to the road.
They had to come from somewhere!

Then I started thinking about how many other people had already made this same trip.
If it was truly unsafe, would they still continue to allow people into the park?

Two years ago we stayed in the Hackberry Camp Area, located near the beginning of the canyon. This year we chose to stay in the Mesquite Camp Area, located near the end of the canyon road some 3.5 miles deeper into the park.

Here we are all safely tucked into our corner Campsite #81 at Palo Duro State Park.

We even have AT&T cell service at this campground, two years ago there was none.

There is a county wide fire ban in place right now, so we won't be using the firepit.

One of the better rear views we've had in a while.

TUESDAY - Well here it is five days later and I've not much to report to you all.

It's just been kind of a lazy week. The weather has been less than ideal with wind advisories (30+ mph) most days which is not a good thing when you are surrounded by loose dirt. All the dust in the air makes it unpleasant to be anywhere outdoors. Tricia was able to make some more progress on her surprise project she's been working on. She should be finishing that up soon.

The rest of our time we spent waiting for a mobile RV repair guy to call us back with a scheduled time he would arrive. Long story short, he never did! Last month we made an appointment at a local RV dealership for tomorrow morning, just as a backup plan, I'm so glad we did.

Our issues are THE POD has a couple of roof leaks when it pours down rain hard enough. That's something we'll need to get taken care of sooner rather than later. Also one of the wheels it making a squeaking sound when backing into the campsites, I suspect either brakes or wheel bearings is the problem there. Plus our water heater doesn't work on electricity, but still continues to function on propane. Here I suspect the electric heating element has failed, something I intend to try and fix on our own, once I can order parts on Amazon next week.

Other than that we did get our laundry, grocery shopping and propane refill needs accomplished. We never said life on the road was all rainbows and unicorns!

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