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STOP #265

Today we’ll be moving from the southeastern corner over to the southwestern corner of the park, some 56.5 miles away.

Our move couldn’t have come at a better time. Over the last six days we have visited all of the major highlights the park has to offer on the eastern half of the park. Now we'll go explore the west side.

Campsite #9 at Cottonwood Campground has excellent opportunities for solar collection.

It also has a view of Castellan Peak (3293 ft.) and of our neighbors, also in an Airstream.

Our view to the west isn't so bad either. That wall of mountain includes Santa Elena Canyon.

Unfortunately our view out the back has a big cottonwood tree in it.

We were barely finished setting up when a "squadron of javelinas"
(that's right, squadron, look it up, I did)
sauntered through the group site located at the far end of our row.

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