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Once again today we are going to be exploring outside of the National Park.

We will be traveling through Terlingua in order to go visit Big Bend Ranch State Park. We were considering traveling this route with THE POD in tow after our visit to Big Bend National Park is over with, but we've been warned there is a section of road called "The Big Hill" with 15% grades over a two mile distance.

It made us think twice, but after driving it with ROVER I feel he would have been up to the task. Maybe we'll try it some other time in the future.

DAY 10

We've reached the State Park's visitor center. There are no entry fees, but you must stop here to get a free day use pass for any of the locations you wish to visit while in the park.
This yucca bloom soars high above the visitor center sign.
We even spotted some early blooming Texas Bluebonnets along the edge of the roadway.
This is a continuation of the mountains seen from the National Park.
This is part of a movie set constructed for the 1985 Roy Clark film "Uphill all the Way".
The "not so mighty" Rio Grande River.
These are part of a roadside picnic area in the park.
Each tipi contains a table, BBQ grill and garbage container.
There are several stretches of winding twisting roads.
Another view of the Rio Grande River.
And yet still another view. The National Park doesn't have these kind of views of the river.
Down low at one of the river access points for canoeing and kayaking.
This 4-site campground is the only location where THE POD will fit. It didn't look too appealing to us.
Once back in the National Park we took this shortcut back to Cottonwood Campground. While the road was shorter, it wasn't any quicker!
A little bit different scenery on this side of the park.
We drove through a dry wash where the monsoon season waters continue to carve out the rock edges.
We are headed directly toward the Santa Elena Canyon.
There must be some nearby ground water for this kind of plant activity.
The wonderful Santa Elena Canyon, we're saving that hike for last.


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