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Today is Sunday and we are going to finally take a day of rest.

We did drive a mile up to the Castolon Visitor Center to get my National Parks Passport Book stamped, but their stamp had broken and they had no replacement yet. Darn, guess we'll have to return here some day in the future if I want that stamp.

Next to the Visitor Center is a very small store where they sell souvenirs and some basic groceries/beverages. What did we buy, cheese doodles and ice cream sandwiches of course.

Since we didn't do any hiking or exploring today I thought I would share some wildlife photos I've been saving for just such a day.

DAY 11

This Great Horned Owl is half of a male/female pair that has taken up residency in the Cottonwood Campground. They were very vocal each evening and well into the night.
Here's a close up of the female, I think?
Tricia was very fortunate to get this photo of one silently swooping down and grabbing a mouse, better it in the owl's belly than in our trailer.
This guy was watching us upload a blog while in the Chisos Basin parking lot.
Same with this guy. How do they not get stuck by those huge thorns?
This delicate creature was spotted while on one of our hikes.
We spotted these guys one day while driving through the park, but they took off in a huff when Tricia pulled out her camera.
The javelinas came back to dine in their favorite group camping site.
They ARE NOT a very attractive creature.
These cows were a little more receptive to having their picture taken.
But they too were soon on the move.
These two were a small part of a committee of eleven that showed up to wish us farewell
on our last morning at Cottonwood Campground.


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