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For nearly two weeks now we've been working up our stamina to attempt this hike.

Mule Ears Spring Trail is a 4-mile round trip hike with a cumulative elevation change of 800 feet. It's more of a roller coaster type trail, a long uphill followed by a long downhill with a stretch of level hiking in between. This was repeated several times before we reached the spring.

About half way out on the trail we caught up to another couple of hikers who were about the same age as we were and we mutually agreed to hike the balance of the trail together. Safety in numbers and all that.

They are visiting from Santa Fe, NM and it was also their first time on the trail. We enjoyed their company and conversation so much we decided to share a lunch in Terlinga after the hike.

Turns out they are camped right across the street from our favorite food truck, so that's where we met for lunch. They had already eaten there so they knew the food was delicious.

DAY 13

Those are the Mule Ears peaks in the background as seen from the trailhead.
With the Mule Ears in the background we begin our hike in their direction.
More of those thorny Shin Dagger plants along the trail.
Not sure what these are called but I wouldn't want to rub up against them either.
We are getting closer to the Mule Ears, but this trail doesn't come within miles of them.
More yucca and ocotillo.
Here I am hiking behind our new friends from Santa Fe, NM.
This rock wall was created as a corral by the original pioneers.
We have finally reached the location of the spring.
We soon realized were four weren't out here all alone. Someone is still living out here.
This is as closr to Mule Ears as we'll get. Time to start the equally difficult hike back to the parking lot.
Tricia thought these guys were so cute growing right out of a crack in the rocks.
One final look back at the trail and Mule Ears. It was a difficult hike, but we're glad we took on the challenge.


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