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At the far eastern edge of the paved roadways in Big Bend National Park you’ll find the Boquillas Canyon Trailhead.

It’s a short hike along the shore of the Rio Grande River. It was the first time we saw Mexican citizens on the U.S. side of the river tending to their makeshift souvenir stands. It was also the first time we saw them selling food in addition to their handmade crafts.

After our early morning hike we will be “legally” crossing the border into Mexico for lunch. We’ll definitely have to remember our Passport Cards if we wish to return into the United States.


It didn't take long for us to find ourselves high above the parking lot.
Somewhere around the corner of that mountain on the left is the entrance to Boquillas Canyon.
From down at the level of the river it's beginning to look more like a canyon.
The walls of the canyon are closing in on the both shores of the Rio Grande River.
What's this all about?
That must be Jesus on the Mexico side of the river. For a small donation he will sing you a Mexican tune. Those were my $2 in the cup you saw in the previous photo.
It's always nice to see a little bit of color other than green and brown.
I believe we are nearing the end of the trail
Looks like we've come to the end of the trail, unless we're willing to go for a little swim.
This is the view of the U.S. Border Patrol Station here at Boquillas Crossing.
For $5 round trip this small little rowboat will take us across the river into Mexico.
Here they are preparing my burro for the half mile trek up into the town of Boquillas del Carmen.
Here I am "up and ready to ride". Actually the people who decided to save the $5 round trip fare and walk to town got there before we did.
First thing we did was select from the two restaurants and order lunch. One of my goat tacos is already gone, but you get the idea. $8 for the tacos and a refried bean tostada + $2 for a Mexican Coke-A-Cola, what a bargin!
The orange building on the right is where we had lunch.
Here is the neighbrhood bar.
This building houses the town's preschool.
This is one of the modest homes located along the main road through town. There was another neighborhood just outside of town.
This is the other restaurant option in town and no that gentleman is not drunk, he's 88 years old and visiting Mexico for the first time. Unfortunately his wheelchair would not fit in the little rowboat. He's being helped up the step by his wife and daughter.
The police station on the right and the preschool seemed to be the only new construction in town.
Our burros are in there somewhere waiting to return us to the river.
My burro insisted we only photograph him from his "good side".
We were welcomed back into Big Bend National Park, after we showed them our Passport Cards.


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