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Today we are going to be exploring outside of Big Bend National Park. We are headed to the small towns of Study Butte and Terlingua, TX.

Tricia has some financial documents she has to get notarized and we’re hoping we can get that done this morning. We asked about a notary at the cafe where we had breakfast and were told the lady who could help us was in Las Vegas for the week. She also said someone at the local motel might be able to help us. We went there and were told “Frank” would be in at 10:00AM, or there about, tomorrow and he could do it then. Did I mention that we drove 38 miles one way to Terlingua?

Next we went into the local bank, surely someone working there is a notary. There was, but they only serve their existing customers, really? They were able to supply us with phone numbers of two women in town that might be able to help.

We called the first one and it went straight to voicemail, probably the woman who was in Vegas. No one answered the second number either, so I just hung up and figured we would once again make the 35 mile drive into town tomorrow and go see “Frank” at the motel, after 10-ish.

Ten minutes later we got a call back from the second lady we called and she apologized for missing the call, then asked what we had called about. I explained we got her phone number from the bank employee for possible notary service and she said she could help with that.

She asked if we were local and I said no, she then asked where we currently were and I explained we were parked in a little city park in the middle of town, using the available cell service to check emails. She asked if we would be there long and offered to come meet us there.

Fifteen minutes later she pulled into the park, notarized Tricia’s paperwork and gave us a few tips on what to see, where to eat (and almost as important, where not to eat) then said that would be $12 for the notary service. We said “no way” and insisted she accept our $20 bill for her services.

Next we stopped at the Post Office and overnighted the paperwork to where it needed to go, then we picked up lunch at the recommended food truck on the edge of town. I was thrilled with the monster sized loaded baked potato topped with meat and the Texas Chili. Tricia loved her chicken street tacos! Who knew you could get such delicious food from a food truck! We do now!

After lunch we explored the nearby Ghost Town of Terlingua. Terlingua’s claim to fame is it was the site of the First Famous Championship Chili Cook Off in 1967, that today draws over 10,000 "chili heads" from all over the world on the first Saturday every November.


Who knew everyday at 5PM there would be a place where you can watch LIVE entertainment in a GHOST TOWN?
Located right next door to the only bar in town is the jail, how convenient.
This vehicle was perfectly suited to roam around in the desert.
Not sure what this is supposed to be, but I'm pretty sure that's an upside down Weber BBQ on his back.
There are many different types of overnight accomodations in Terlingua.
These were our favorites, glad to see even old Airstreams have a purpose.
But maybe these are more your style.


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