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Today is going to be another two trail hiking day.

This morning's hike will be different in the fact that we'll be hiking part of it down on the floor of the canyon and not out in the middle of the desert.

The second hike will be similar but with a more dramatic ending.

DAY 12

We have reached the floor of Tuff Canyon.
Not sure if it's narrow enough to be considered a slot canyon or not.
But it's different than any other hike we done here so far.
With all this vegetation on the floor it's obvious there hasn't been any flash flooding through here in a long while.
Up above is one of the overlooks we'll be checking out as soon as we're done here on the floor.
The footing is becoming a little more difficult to traverse.
Even here the Texas Bluebonnet strives to exist.
Here is a narrow section.
More Bluebonnets getting ready to bloom.
After climbing out of the canyon we start to explore the rim trail.
That's where we were, down in there.
You can see here where the canyon comes to an end.
Looks like there might be a couple of short water falls before hitting the canyon floor, that is if there was any water.
Look at those sediment layers in the rock as they change colors and push upwards.
We found this to be an interesting shape and color formation.
This trail follows a wash up into the canyon.
We called this one the "Semibalanced Rock" formation.
Some greenery along the canyon floor.
Tricia enjoyed the contrast between the green leaves and white bark.
A little more color along the trail.
We've reached the end of the trail. This is the lower half of the Pouroff.
This is the upper half of the Pouroff.
A large hunk of rock that came from high above the canyon floor.
Here is the entire Pouroff, top to bottom.


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