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STOP #266

While our visit to Big Bend National Park came to a conclusion we are now back on the road and will be visiting several more Texas State Parks before the end of the month.

Today we set up camp in Davis Mountains State Park in Fort Davis, TX. There is a beautiful scenic drive to the top of several mountain peaks in the park where we'll watch the sunset every night. We won't be alone up there since it's a popular place to be at sunset.

Along with the campground there is a 39 room lodge inside the park, complete with a restaurant that's open for breakfast and lunch, Wednesday through Sunday.

FRIDAY - After two weeks of basically no internet connection I've fallen way behind on updating this blog. Today I'm going to try and remedy that.

Here in the little town of Fort Davis, TX is the Jeff Davis County Library. It's currently housed in an historic building that used to be the Mercantile Building for the town. It has the original wood floors and many other original features.

We have no cell signal at our campsite, so what is important to me today is that the library has blazing fast free public wifi. It makes it easy to upload all the photos you've been watching of our visit to Big Bend National Park.

They are open 9-5 on Friday and 10-2 on Saturday and I'll be here every minute of that in order to get caught up.

The front porch entrance of Jeff (Jefferson) Davis County Library.

The librarian's desk is the original sales counter, complete with the ice boxes on the corners.

Along this wall are some of the original merchandise drawers and ornate shelving.

Some of the items left behind are proudly displayed on the top shelf.

There are several locally handmade quilts displayed up high near the ceilings.

This was my office view for the last two days.


The early morning sunlight makes everything look golden.
The Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) built several structures up on top the mountain peaks here in the park.
This one is used as an observation tower and has a 360° view of the surrounding area.
This roadway stretches between the two dominant peaks in the park and has picnic tables scattered along the entire length.
The western view.
The eastern view.
The southern view back towards Big Bend National Park.
And if you zoom way in you'll find THE POD hiding behind a few trees and again we have Airstream neighbors.
One of the beautiful sunsets we had during our visit.
Time to drive back down this mountain before it gets too dark.

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