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Two days ago when we were towing THE POD out of Palo Duro Canyon we ran into a little unexpected trouble.

While climbing the steep 800 foot roadway out of the canyon we came around a corner and found a large rock had fallen from the cliff face and landed right in the middle of the road. We piled out of ROVER to assess the situation when we heard a loud cracking sound above us.

It was then, while we were stopped and out of the truck, trying to figure out what we were going to do, another large boulder came tumbling down the cliff face. Luckily it missed hitting us and ROVER, but unfortunately THE POD suffered a direct hit.

We've been on the phone for two days arguing with our insurance company who classified the incident as "an act of God" and therefore not covered under our policy.

We towed THE POD to an RV repair shop here in Amarillo, TX and for the last two days a team of six bodyshop employees have fixed it as best they can, staying within the limited budget we gave them of course.

We don't think it looks too bad, you can hardly notice the damage.

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