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STOP #284

When the physcian asked me where I would like to have my prescriptions sent I replied without thinking, "the closest Walmart Pharmacy please." I forgot we were in rural southwest Kansas and little did I know the closest Walmart is 75 miles away in Liberal, KS.

Oh well, at least it's in the same "general direction" of where we are headed anyway. Rather than drive the 75 miles there and another 75 miles back, we decided to leave a day early and take THE POD to Walmart with us.

We have State Park reservations beginning on Monday that we don't want to change, cause there's a $10 fee for that. So we'll forfeit the $3.50 we already paid to stay here in the National Grasslands for Sunday night and once again spend a FREE night in a Walmart parking lot.

Our early morning departure from Walmart.

Thanks for the free overnight accommodations.

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