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STOP #278

Not every one of our overnight locations have the beautiful views like we had at the last stop, but each serves a purpose.

Take tonight's stop for instance. There are no views, to speak of, or sightseeing opportunities within miles of here. So you may be wondering why we are here?

Well, it's because it's an easy driving days distance from our last stop (129 miles). It's in the general direction of our next big sightseeing location, that you'll just have to wait to find out about, and it's FREE.

The bonus is there is decent cell phone signal here, at least on my AT&T phone, so I'm able to bring y'all this lastest update about our travels. That alone is worth stopping here!

Not too bad for FREE!

Technically this is listed as a picnic site, but overnight camping is allowed for up to 14 days.

The bonus for all of you van dwellers are the bathrooms and garbage cans.

Keep in mind we are only here for one afternoon and one night.

NOTE: This location is managed and maintained by the United States Forest Service
as a unit of the Rita Blanca National Grassland (TX).

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