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STOP #275

We are no longer searching for an Airstream repair facility
that can perform within our fulltime lifestyle requirements.

We awoke early this morning in the Walmart parking lot and walked across the yard to a McDonalds for breakfast. Then back to THE POD to drive the final 28 miles into Oklahoma City to the Airstream repair facility we have chosen.

This facility came as a recommendation from another Airstream couple we met at our campsite in Palo Duro Canyon last week. They said they couldn't have been happier with their experience here and that's something you just don't hear in the RV industry lately, or most other places either now that I think about it.

They were able to squeeze us in and dedicate an entire day from 9AM-6PM to work on just our trailer, all with only a weeks notice. I'm sure that's not going to be everyones experience, because I forsee this place becoming very busy, very soon.

At the present time the whole operation is being run by just two people, Kristin and Charlie. Kristin runs the entire office, scheduling appointments, ordering parts, taking care of all the accounting work and I'm sure a dozen other things I'm not aware of. The best thing is she still finds time to chat with you one on one about your needs and does this all with a big smile and positive attitude.

The other half of this dynamic duo is Charlie, he is a one man solution to what ever ails your Airstream. He has previously worked directly for Airstream and another nameless large nationwide chain of RV repair shops. Top to bottom, front to back, inside or outside, if it's broke Charlie can fix it!

Kristin and Charlie worked together previously at the same facility and didn't like the way the shop was run. The lack of any decent customer service and the slow and shoddy repairs and practices they were working under brought them to the realization they could do it better, faster and cheaper, (you almost never get all three) than what is happening at most RV shops around the country today.

So just three months ago in January of 2022 they opened their own shop, are doing things their own way, and I predict will soon be reaping the rewards for their efforts. Their shop is small and efficient with a no frills decor, exactly what I would expect from a new small business just starting out. This gives them time to build a sucessful business with a lower risk of going broke like so many others have recently.

They are so new that they don't even have a website up and running yet, but it is being designed as we speak.

In case you can't tell by the company name they also do full restorations of vintage Airstreams.

Airstream Restoration and Repair, LLC
708 West Reno Avenue
near downtown Oklahoma City, OK 73102
(405) 445-2956

As you can see when Charlie's not busy with repair work
he has plenty of customer's Airstreams to restore and fill in his time.
P.S. - There are four more you can't see in this photo.

We wish them nothing but the best, they both deserve it!

ATTENTION: We received no special discount off our invoice for this blogpost, just doing what we always do, telling you just like it is!

After the work was finished on THE POD we hit the road around 6:30PM and drove 182 miles. I decided for some reason to break one of our "Golden Rules for Fulltiming" by arriving at our destination after dark and trying to set up camp.

I save you from having to read the long version of what happened, let's just say things didn't go well for us. Nothing was broken and neither one of us got hurt, but we'll never do that again. I guess you should never say never!

I'll share with you just one photo and let you draw your own conclusions, but remember that hitch I had installed on "the front bumper" of ROVER just a short while ago, for maneuvering in tight situations? Well last night we got to see just how well that worked out for us!

You can now see the hitch ball on the front of the truck.

Last night we weren't even sure there was a lake back there.

Believe It or Not! THE POD is perfectly level in this photo.

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