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STOP #274

Here we are all safely tucked in for the night at the Walmart Supercenter in El Reno, OK which is just outside of Oklahoma City where we have a service appointment at 9:00AM tomorrow morning. They are going to check out our leaks, the water heater and the squeaky wheel.

If they have enough time and were able to get the parts today there may also be another big upgrade to THE POD that we'll be able to discuss tomorrow.

Those floodlights over THE POD and ROVER may become a problem later tonight!

First off do we have any fans of the 2006 animated Disney movie "Cars"?

If you've seen the movie you'll probably recognize the building in the several of the slideshow photos.

Personally I haven't seen the film, but I was told by a very knowledgeable woman in the Gift Shop today that this building was the inspiration for Ramon's Garage and Flo's Diner in the movie.

From looking at the movie poster in the gift shop I would have to agree, there is a very striking resemblance.


Does the building look familiar to any of you movie fans?
How about this view from the corner?
Was this Chevy Wrecker part of the movie? I really don't know.
This old Studebaker pickup was in for repair at Ramon's Garage today.
This is what the inside of Flo's Cafe looks like today.
And this is what's for lunch today, a Banana Split and Chocolate Shake, yummy!
The location is solidly in the 21st Century now with six Tesla Charging Stations.

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