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STOP #279

This entire region of the Texas/Oklahoma panhandle is under a High Wind Advisory for the entire day, so this morning we chose to "err on the side of caution" and stayed put in our FREE campsite. All day long the winds were in the 35-40MPH range with gusts up to 65+MPH. That's not something we'd like to be driving in, let alone towing our trailer.

We could have just stayed put where we were, but a large Class B rig pulled to within 10 feet of our back bumper and proceeded to fire up their loud generator. We are not sure if they are planning to run it all night, but we chose to "roll the dice" and move to another campground.

Just after dinner we broke camp and moved 11+ short miles due north to just inside the state of Oklahoma, to another Rita Blanca National Grassland Picnic Area. This one is on the outskirts of the tiny town of Felt, OK (pop. 93).

When the winds subsided after dinner we packed up and left for Felt!

After this weather front moves through the temperatures will drop down 20+°F into the low 60°s during the day and the winds should be done with.

This has a much larger picnic site and we had it all to ourselves at 7:30PM when we arrived.

Same amenities as the last place only nicer.

This is nice for a FREE one night stay.

NOTE: This location is managed and maintained by the United States Forest Service
as a unit of the Rita Blanca National Grassland (OK).

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