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STOP #276

Both last night and today we've been trying to get back to our planned route after our 200 mile detour to get service work done in Oklahoma City. We're not complaining because we had such an excellent experience at the repair shop and were able to get several issues corrected before they became bigger problems, but we've had some horrendous driving conditions the last two days.

The winds have been blowing 40+ MPH and usually from directly in front of us as we travel west. Our MPG has dropped from the 10-12 range all the way down to just below 7MPG. I didn't realize the wind could decrease our MPG that significantly while towing, that's a huge expense with gas prices the way they are. I'm rethinking the idea of replacing ROVER's 36 gallon fuel tank with a 48 gallon one at a cost of over $2000. It may become necessary before we head to Alaska so we can make it from one gas station to the next.

Glad we didn't break down at this intersection.
I don't know how people can see or even breathe outdoors here.

In addition to the high winds, we also have to deal with dust storms. Because nothing is planted in the fields at this time of year and the West Oklahoma and East Texas farmlands are experiencing record drought conditions, there is a constant amount of dust in the air. It makes it very difficult to enjoy the outdoors under those conditions.

Campsite #3 at Lake Marvin Campground in Canadian, TX

This is a very large site.

Bring extra water hose and electrical cord if you select this site.

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