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Arriving at:
Poinsett State Park
Wedgefield, SC

TRAVEL DAY - 99.8 miles


We're taking a break from the eastern coastline

Today our journey takes us inland, nearly 100 miles from the South Carolina coastline. You may wonder why, especially when you find out our next campsite is back on the coast again. The answer is simple, Congaree National Park. One of our hopes on this trip is to visit all of the National Parks located in the lower 48 states. While Congaree is a relatively new National Park (est. 2003) and is 4th from the bottom in annual attendance (for the lower 48) it's still worth a visit from us.

One anomaly during today's trip was the fact that a bridge was closed for repair on our route and we had to take an unscheduled detour. I was wondering why Google maps wouldn't route us down a section of US521 just south of Manning, SC and our Garmin GPS would. I'm going to have to remember that when we leave here.

Until next time

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