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Arriving at:
Flanners Beach Campground
New Bern, NC

TRAVEL DAY - 116 miles


Rain, rain, go away! Especially on Mondays when we move.

Today's move could only be described as slow and steady, and maybe a little soggy! When we arrived at our new campsite today my backup camera on THE POD (our trailer) lost signal? I just got a new replacement wireless bluetooth monitor back from the manufacturer and it was working perfectly. You may recall the first one only worked once at the dealership when we took delivery of our trailer. So my first thought was, what's wrong now!

Stupid me, let me explain what happened. The backup camera on the trailer only works when my headlights are on, that's just the way it is hooked up. I readjusted the camera to view about 50 yards of the road behind me, so when I'm towing I can see if someone is there in my big blind spot (directly behind the trailer). I really like having that extra set of eyes while towing and I check it frequently. The headlight switch on ROVER (our truck) can be set to automatic (which they are) so they come on all by themselves when it gets dark or when your windshield wipers are on. Today just before we were pulling out of our old campsite we were sitting in the cab of the truck and setting up all of our electronics, the GPS to guide us on our route, the dash cam to video our drive (just in case of an accident or something odd flashes in front of the truck) and finally the trailer's back up camera monitor. All while we were preparing to leave it was raining out and my windshield wipers were on as we were sitting in the truck.

When everything was in place and working we pulled out and started our three hour drive to our new site. The entire drive today was done with the windshield wipers on. For the few brief minutes it wasn't raining there was spray being kicked up by the cars and trucks passing me or in front of me. As we arrived at the new campground it stopped raining and the sun came out. After locating our new campsite, I unconsciously turned off the wipers just as we started backing into our new driveway and consequently the backup camera monitor stopped working (just as I needed it most). After struggling a little more than usual to back the trailer into it's new home I realized what had happened.

On a normal moving day (one where the sun is shining) I have to move the headlight switch from automatic and manually turn on the headlights to get the backup camera to work. Today during the departure the headlights were already on because the wipers were on. Like I said, I felt so stupid for not immediately realizing what happened and instead was thinking how am I going to get this monitor fixed!

Now for those of you driving newer cars with all the automatic switches and gadgets to play with this might seem a silly mistake. But you have to realize we have been driving the same two cars for the last ten years in order to save money so we could retire early and begin this new lifestyle of fulltime RV travel.

Until next time

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