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Whole Foods Store
outside of Charleston, SC

Our first Amazon Locker pickup!

What do you do when you're on the road without a permanent address and you need to have something delivered from Amazon? Up until now we had friends and families addresses to use for delivery and we would pick them up when we were passing through their area for a visit. Well, we are now far north of all of their locations so our only option is to use the Amazon Locker System. Last year Amazon bought the grocery chain Whole Foods, so now many of their locations have an Amazon Locker outside the store. How does it work?

You shop on Amazon as usual and then once you know the expected delivery date of your order, usually just two or three days, you select an Amazon Locker location near where you will be to pick up your order. Once your order has been delivered into a locker you are texted a six digit code to go unlock your locker. You are given three days from that point to pick up your package before it is sent back to Amazon and you are refunded your money, then you'll have to try reordering if necessary. The only restriction is your package must be small enough to fit inside the locker. The lockers are usually outside the store on the sidewalk, so your order is available 24 hours a day to be picked up.

We ordered a folding stand for Tricia's Surface Pro to raise it higher off the table. This gives her a better viewing angle to work from. We also ordered 50 feet of a special coaxial cable to extend the length of our outside cellular booster antenna. I'll show you more on that when it is all set up and working.

Our other first centers around the fact that a few weeks ago I had to send the Airstream's back up camera monitor back to the manufacturer for a check up, it wasn't working. They took so long to check it out that we had no where to mail it back to, so it was sent to our mail forwarding address in Pensacola. Up until now we had also been using the same friends and family addresses to have our mail sent to. So for the first time we had our mail and package sent GENERAL DELIVERY to a United States Post Office in Georgetown, SC. It seemed too easy, walk into the Post Office, show them your ID and they hand you your package. I hope it always goes that smoothly!

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