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Arriving at:
Carolina Beach State Park
Carolina Beach, NC

"The Tar Heel State"
is our 4th visited state

TRAVEL DAY - 102 miles


All 4 lane highway and two major cities! There was no good alternate route today.

Today was not a pleasant travel day! There was just no better way to get to our next destination other than straight up US17 which meant four-lane divided highway and lots of stop lights. On top of that we encountered a large amount of traffic when passing through the cities of Myrtle Beach, SC and Wilmington, NC. We would of had to travel many miles inland and out of our way to avoid these big obstacles. As if that wasn't enough, it rained pretty hard much of the whole time on the road today.

What was supposed to be a 2.5 hour drive turned into nearly 4 hours, our longest yet. We weren't on the road for more than 30 minutes this morning when I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me again. Some of you may remember when I saw a large pink elephant wearing glasses on the side of the road back in Florida, well today I saw an upside down three story building. So I shook my head to the left and then back to the right to see if it was still there. But when I looked to the left I saw King Kong, hanging off the side of a building with an airplane in his hand! You don't believe me, do you? Well this time we got a picture to prove it!

Turns out we were passing by the Hollywood Wax Museum in Myrtle Beach, SC and the upside down building was part of the WonderWorks amusement park across the street.

So in answer to the title of this post,
NO there is nothing in the water
I'm NOT seeing things,

Until next time

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