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Arriving at:
Huntington Beach State Park
Murrells Inlet, SC

TRAVEL DAY - 119 miles


Nothing but two lane drive today!

If you've been following along and paying attention you've notice that lately we only tow THE POD on Monday and Thursday. There is a reason for that and today was a perfect example why.

It all starts within the campground. Most, but not all, campgrounds are busy with activity on the weekends. The Weekend Warriors are campers who arrive late on Friday night after work and leave early on Sunday afternoon so they are back to work on Monday. We are very familiar with this type of camping because we were Weekend Warriors for the last fifteen years. They typically camp in tents, but some have gone they next step and purchased a camper of some sort. This creates a difficult situation for maneuvering our trailer in and out of our campsite because of all the extra traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian. It also creates long lines at the dump station when exiting the park. For this reason alone we only move on Monday (after everyone has left) or on Thursday (before anyone arrives) between the hours of 10AM and 2PM. This was all planned into our journey last year when we made all of our campground reservations.

You may wonder why I bring all of this up now, well it's because today we realized one other advantage to this strategy. Our back roads route through rural South Carolina today brought us through a dozen very small towns. They all had a couple things in common on the main road through town:

1.) Everyone was at work. So very little traffic and no traffic lights to stop our pace, only the speed limit was reduced (usually to 25 or 30 MPH) while briefly within the town borders
2.) Even a small town of 500 people would have at least three churches, all on the main road. Can you imagine what it would be like to try and drive though town on a Sunday when most christian churches hold their services
3.) Each church had it's own cemetery right next door. Can you imagine what it would be like to drive though town on a Saturday when most funerals are held

So for now we are keeping with the Monday and Thursday rule for towing THE POD, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Until next time

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