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TRAVEL DAY - 105 miles


Zig zagging our way south!

Reed Bingham State Park is the first stop of our rerouted December campgrounds, courtesy of Hurricane Michael, who destroyed most of the Florida State Park campgrounds that we were planning on visiting. It turned out to be a financial benefit to us due to the fact that in December and January most of Georgia's interior state parks offer a 50% discount when staying two or more nights. That will save us a bunch of money over the next couple of weeks.

In the previous post I mentioned how little television we have been watching over the last six months. One of the perks this campground offers is free cable TV at each one of the campsites. I managed to save one six foot long piece of coax cable from the dozens I had when cleaning out the condo for just this scenario. It took me 30 minutes to locate it among all the other miscellaneous stuff we still have to sort through in the back of the truck, but I found it. I hooked it up to the campground's utility post and connected it to the cable jack on the side of the trailer, then went inside to start watching cable TV. It took me 15 more minutes to locate the remote control for the TV and try to figure out how to change the input from antennae to cable on the television. I thought I had it all figured out, so I got myself something to drink and got comfortable at the dinette, then started searching for a channel to watch. Guess what, nothing was coming in on the screen, I mean nothing! It's been 45 minutes since I've been preparing to watch crystal clear cable TV and I got nothing! Where's my phone, I'm gonna read my book! But I saved the cable for next time.

Tricia is now starting her December workload which is fine because there isn't a lot to do at this campground in the winter. Most of the amenities center around the lake. They have a boat ramp for launching small boats, kayaks for rent and a swimming beach. Picnic tables are scattered around the entire shoreline. There won't be any of that going on this time of year. Twice this week we had to disconnect our water hose and bring it inside for the night because overnight temperatures were near freezing. That's why we're still heading south!

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