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TRAVEL DAY - 107 miles


Back on the coast of Georgia and twice we crossed the Florida Georgia Line!

Stephen C. Foster State Park is located in the middle of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge in southern Georgia. It's at the very end of a seventeen mile long dead end street. It's the type of campground we prefer, grassy camping pads instead of gravel or asphalt and lots of vegetation in between well spaced out campsites for privacy. Clean restrooms with hot showers, water and electric hookups on every site, plus $0.75 washers and dryers to get our laundry done. We saw a dozen deer and half dozen turkeys, throw in one four foot alligator on the boat ramp outside the registration office and all this before we even checked in. The price was right only $17.50 a night, thanks to the 50% off special the state of Georgia runs every December and January at their interior campgrounds. It seemed perfect, even with a few mosquitoes flying around. There was one big problem though, no cell phone service at all, but we expected that being out in the middle of nowhere. The small town of Fargo, GA is back where that seventeen mile long road peels of the main highway. The have a small public library that is housed inside the local school building, there is strong Verizon signal for Tricia to get her work done using her secure cellular network and free Wifi for me upload my blog posts. We have traveled further than this to find a nice place to work when there is no signal at the campground.

So why the one night stand? The perfect campground and a comfortable place to work not too far away. It's a small town library which is housed in four small 8 x 10 rooms with one room dedicated to being an office and bathroom. That's all fine with us, we don't require much and we're used to working in a much smaller space than that back in THE POD. The problem is the library's hours of operation. Mondays and Wednesdays they are open NOON until 4PM. Tuesdays and Thursdays they are open 5PM until 8PM. That's only fourteen hours a week and we need more time than that. We managed to get in a couple hours of work before they closed Monday. We thanked the person running the small library for sharing it with us and inquired about the odd hours of operation. He said it is manned by city workers who volunteer their time either before or after their regular city jobs. I don't think you would see that kind of generosity at the county or state level libraries anywhere else.

Fargo, GA reported a population of 321 during the 2010 census. Small town America, that's the place we like to be!

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