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Starting Point:
Southernmost Point:
Northernmost Point:
Ending Point:
Bahia Honda State Park, Florida
Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida
Lums Pond State Park, Delaware
Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park, Florida


ROVER was driven a total of 12,956 miles of which 4,356 were towing THE POD.
We slept in 49 different locations at an average cost of $23 a night.

By the end of the year
TWO PEAS had visited 9 of our United States in just 234 days.
We visited 6 National Parks and 3 National Seashores.

With the New Year's arrival there are always changes and resolutions made. Beginning with the next post you may notice the format of our blog posts have changed just a little from that of the previous year. We have been trying to share our adventures and day to day life on the road with family and friends, but at the same time keep it interesting for others who are following along. We will do this by posting our day to day stories separate from our exploration of the notable sites we visit. Our hopes are that this new format will make it easier to identify the content up front and allow you to skip past the parts you don't find interesting.

Also changing in the New Year, our campground reviews will no longer be posted on this site. Instead we will be contributing our reviews to a nationwide campground review site called Campendium. It was started just a few years ago by another full-time RV couple (who also happen to be traveling in an Airstream) and in our opinion they are developing "the best and most comprehensive" campground review website on the internet. We look forward to being a part of it!

In the resolutions department it seems we haven't been taking full advantage of all the opportunities that living full-time in an RV offers. Sure we have traveled to new and exciting places that we could never have done without THE POD, but when we aren't exploring, life is pretty much the same as it was before. We work most days from inside the trailer, or when cell phone reception is poor a nearby library, then eat dinner and read for a few hours before going to sleep.

Our resolution for next year is to get out of the trailer more often, even if it is just to eat lunch down at the campground's picnic area or walk the campground loop after dinner to chat with the other campers. We also plan to eat out less often and cook more meals that we haven't tried before. On the days when we are not working the plan is to get out and enjoy our surroundings, go out and hike a nature trail or ride our bikes around on suitable trails. In order to facilitate accomplishing our goals we are stating them here and now, for all to see.

We pledge to hike 100 miles next year! This doesn't count just walking to the showers, walking around the campground roads or roaming a grocery store. Maybe more accurately we should pledge to hike 100 miles on unpaved nature trails. I know that might not sound like a lofty goal to some of you but for us it's something we didn't do this year.

We also pledge to bicycle 200 miles next year! Now this will include trips around the campground and anywhere else we go. This year we barely road our bicycles and even briefly discussed why we keep carrying them around. Again not a lofty goal but you have to start somewhere.

Also, just like everyone else, we intend to eat healthier and lose some weight.

We invite everyone to share their
New Year's Resolutions
in the comment section below?

We'll keep track of our progress on the day to day blog posts for all to see. If we seem to be falling behind on meeting these goals, feel free to encourage us to do better any way you want in the comment section at the end of every post!

Until next time

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