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TRAVEL DAY - 51.9 miles


Our longest stretch of Interstate driving to date!

When we were packing up to leave our previous campsite at Crooked River State Park we noticed one of the tires on THE POD was obviously lower than the rest. We usually keep THE POD's ties at 80PSI. We measured the one that looked low and found it to be 42PSI, big problem! I got out our tire pump and examined the tire, sure enough there was a screw head sticking out of the tread.

I got on the phone and located the nearest tire store to the park and made the call. They were busy but said they would be able to squeeze me in later in the day. We filled up the tire just before we pulled out of the campground and traveled the seemingly long seven miles to the tire store. They showed me where to park the trailer and then we waited. A short fifteen minutes later, not one but two employees were under the trailer trying to agreed on the proper placement of the floor jack to raise the tire off the ground. Our trailer has two tires on each side and I explained to them we carried a special ramp to raise one tire with, which in turn sufficiently raises the other tire off the ground. They seemed unaware of such a technique existed, so I just had them step back and watch while I did it.

One guy then went back to work on another car while the second guy took the tire off and began the repair. I won't mention the name of the national chain this tire store belonged to but I'm sure you've all seen them around. They don't plug tires here, and I wanted it patched from the inside anyway, it's just an all around safer way to complete the repair. The tire has to be removed from the wheel to accomplish this repair, cleaned on the inside so the glue of the patch will stick properly, then remount the tire on the wheel. I explained the valve stem was only seven months old but he replaced it with a new one just because in was part of the procedure. Then he did something I really wasn't expecting, he balanced the tire! So now it's the only one on the trailer that is, typically trailer tires aren't balanced. It once again took two guys to place the tire back on the trailer and tighten it down to the proper 110lbs of torque. This whole procedure took the two guys almost an hour to complete.

I went back into the front counter to pay my bill and saw a sign on the wall stating that the hourly labor rate for the shop was $109. As I handed over my credit card I looked at the register and it said my total bill was $22.83, I immediately thought was I got someone else's bill, but the cashier assured me it was correct. I happily paid the bill and asked for two $10 bills for my $20. I gave each of the guys who worked on the tire a bill and stated today's lunch was on me and they both looked at me like that never happened to them before. How many of you tip for service that is well done it a timely manner and gets you out of a jam?

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