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Wright Brothers National Memorial
Kitty Hawk, NC

Summary of activities:

Ranger talk

Walk the historic flight paths

Climb up to the monument

Recreation of the Wright Brothers modest home
Their dining area
The kitchen
Their sleeping loft
Their airplane hangar
This boulder marks the exact spot where each flight left the ground
People feel compelled to walk down the historic flight paths
Stats & marker for flight #1
Stats & marker for flight #2
Stats & marker for flight #3
The final stats & marker for flight #4
A long range view of the monument
A closer view of the monument
View from the top of the monument of the launch boulder and flight path markers

Upon arriving here we were informed that the visitor center was still closed for renovations and wouldn't be open for another couple of months. That's OK, it's not why we're here. They did have a little make shift visitors center and gift shop of course, along with bathrooms and a large shaded pavilion. It was under this pavilion we were treated with probably the most inspiring Ranger speech we have heard to date. It was all about the Wright Brothers of course, but not just the history (you can read all that online), it was more about their childhood and what drove them to become the men of history that they were. It really helped to bring all their accomplishments into perspective.

After the presentation under the pavilion we did what everyone else does, go out and walk the historic flight paths of those first few flights. There are recreations of their home and hangar on the property and of course there is the monument. There are three circular spiral pathways leading from the ground up to the base of the monument. Once up there you get a panoramic view of the entire grounds and an up close view of the inscriptions of the monument itself.

We were so glad we came to this historic place and took away a greater respect and appreciation for the Wright Brothers.

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