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Arriving at:
Lums Pond State Park
Bear, DE

TRAVEL DAY - 79.3 miles


We have reached the top of our 2018 travels.

I must say this is our third (there are only five) Delaware State Park campground and they definitely rival the Florida State Park campgrounds that I have visited for so many years. Other than their hard fast rule of not checking in early I don't have any complaints. The bathrooms are clean and updated, along with private shower stalls with locking doors. The parks themselves have plenty of activities to keep you busy. Every campground has a water feature, whether it's a beach or a pond to boat on. Conveniently there are always watercraft rentals available for those who don't have their own. Very well done Delaware!

As we have already hinted, this is our northernmost destination for the 2018 season. From here we will be heading southwest, down through the Blue Ridge Mountains, until we return to northwest Florida in mid-December.

Taken from our Landings page

By the way, for those of you who haven't already checked out our Landings page, there you will find a map with a complete list of all the campgrounds we have stayed at. Additionally if you click on the score icon on the far right hand side of each line you will see our campsite review.

After setting up our campsite today we have a couple or errands to run. First, we have another Amazon order waiting for us to pickup. It's in a locker at a Safeway Grocery Store just down the road. These Amazon Locker locations are certainly making it easier to get items delivered to us when we don't have a home or work address to send things to. Secondly, laundry day is today. It's been exactly two weeks since we last did laundry and that is the time frame we set for ourselves, so all is working out. Tomorrow we'll get to enjoy our time off, Tricia doesn't start back to work until the first of the month, so we'll go visit another civil war fort over on the coast.

Until next time

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