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Arriving at:
Trap Pond State Park
Laurel, DE

"The First State"
is our 7th visited state

TRAVEL DAY - 45.7 miles


Short move today but we did cross into a new state, Delaware!

Not much of a travel day but we did move to a new campsite in a new state, Delaware. Since there is no real travel news I'll talk about the campsite we just left. It was the second time on this journey that we camped without water and electric hookups, boondock style. It went much better than the last attempt at boondocking.

First off I think we got our battery charging problem figured out. Somewhere we managed to pop a circuit breaker labeled "converter". We reset the beaker and this time the rooftop and portable solar panels were up to the challenge of supplying us with enough battery power to run our laptops, cell phone booster, lights and fans. We never went below an 80% charge during the 3 day visit. We even upgraded our little 4-inch USB powered fans to a more powerful 11-inch USB powered fan which made it feel a lot more comfortable when trying to sleep at night. Also it helped that here at Assateague there was a stronger breeze at night and it didn't rain, causing us to close all the windows and the rear hatch door.

Next up is propane! We found a place to refill both of our 30-pound tanks for $40 a piece, kind of pricey but it was at a private campground which tend to be expensive. We ran the refrigerator continuously for all three days and barely put a dent in the propane used from one bottle. So no leak going on and I suspect those problems are solved.

Once again we did just fine with water usage and groceries. So if I can get the larger and more powerful cell phone booster installed before mid-September when we enter the mountains of Virginia and North Carolina we should be closer to being boondock ready. For two months we will be in campgrounds with no electricity and no water on each campsite. There will be showers, bathrooms, a dump station and a fresh water supply if we need them, but we are going to try and do without. Just as another test before we get out west in a few years where the real boondocking takes place.

Until next time

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