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The Colonial National Historical Park includes:
Yorktown Battlefield
Historic Jamestowne
Colonial Parkway

Summary of activities:

Viewed documentary films at
Yorktown & Jamestowne

Listened to a character speech at Jamestowne

Scenic drive around Jamestowne

Drove the Colonial Parkway

A scenic view while driving The Colonial Parkway
One of several bridges along the parkway
This is the 1190 foot long tunnel
Another highway intersection - but you wouldn't even know it
Our period costumed speaker - very informative and he was British
The ruin of some old docks
One of many beautiful Crepe Myrtle trees in Jamestowne
This is what period fencing would have looked like
The beginning on the Jamestowne Scenic Drive
There was wildlife to be spotted here
We almost missed this little guy on the very edge of the road
Then the clouds started rolling in
Followed by a rather impressive downpour

The Colonial Parkway is a twenty-three mile scenic roadway
stretching from the York River at Yorktown to the James River at Jamestown.

We originally thought we would just drive up here for the day and explore The Colonial Parkway lush views. But at both ends of the parkway the National Park Service has visitor and information centers to explore. We began our exploration at The Yorktown Battlefield end of the parkway. This was where the last major battle of The American Revolution for fought, and won by General George Washington, giving The United States of America it's independence from England. It figures we started where it all ended! After a short film in the visitors center we were off to drive the Colonial Parkway end to end. In the middle of the 23 mile long parkway is Williamsburg, but we didn't stop here, not enough time. At the other end of the parkway is where the British first started colonizing the new land called Jamestowne.

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