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Fort Monroe National Monument
Fort Monroe, VA

Summary of activities:


Ranger talk

The Main Gate entrance
The North Gate entrance - the one we came in
A drive-in monument
Granite brickwork on the outside walls
A closer look at the granite brickwork on the outside walls
Normal brickwork on the inside walls
Pedestrian gate to enter the fort
Himalayan pine tree planted over 150 years ago
Close up of the odd looking pine cones

Well this National Monument was different in so many ways. Fort Monroe was being operated and maintained by the State of Virginia up until 2011 when President Obama declared it a National Monument. Our first African American president awarded Fort Monroe the National Monument status mostly in part because it lays claim to being the location were slavery in America started and ended. Without going into a history lesson here it is true, that by a couple of accidents of timing, slavery did begin here and end here. With the National Park's help and funding this fort is now being restored and maintained in a joint effort with the state, an unusual, but not unique occurrence nowadays.

First thing I noticed about this National Monument was there was no big National Park Service sign out front. I wasn't even sure I was in the right place upon arrival. Secondly, you get to drive right into the fort with your own car or in our case, truck. There are one way entrances around the fort, just wide enough for one vehicle to squeeze through. There are also traffic signals to direct the flow so no head on collisions or trying to figure out who has the right of way. Thirdly, this place is huge! There are a dozen or so buildings and dormitories inside here, along with a few private residences. It is a whole community with named streets and addresses for mail delivery I assume, I did see a USPS truck in here.

We weren't here very long, maybe 90 minutes, because we have more places to go and see today. But you'll have to read about that in the next post.

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