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COMPLETED - 608 miles=(978 kilometers)741 miles=(1192 kilometers) - STILL TO GO

We've got over 200+ miles to drive today so we were up early and off the campsite by 9:00AM.

We don't anticipate having any water or electric connections for the next week so we filled our fresh water tank with 39 gallons before we left the park. In town there is a FREE dump station where we emptied our waste tanks.

On our way to the dump station we passed through the center of town and saw these two fine 1950s Chevrolets parked in front of the restaurant where we shared the dining room with a pair of chickens.

After emptying our tanks we headed out of town. Our Milepost Guide Book told us the best time to photograph Bear Glacier was in the morning. I'm not sure what time "in the morning" is but at 9:45AM the glacier was again in shadow, just like it was when we arrived at 12:45PM three days ago. Maybe we were too late?

We still had nearly 100-miles of the Cassiar Highway to complete today and at the very end we saw a sign telling us about a National Historic Site that is located just off the highway.

It's the Gitwangak Battle Hill National Historic Site and is where the Gitxsan Tribe lived until 1835 when the fort was burned and abandoned. The totem poles that survived the fire were moved a short distance away to a new village in 1840. We also stopped there to check out the totem poles.

The view from the parking lot.

From the parking lot you'll need to decend several flights of stairs to get to ground level.

Stategically it was an excellent high ground location to fight a battle from.

Lookin back at THE POD from atop the Battle Hill.

From atop Battle Hill there is also a great view of the Seven Sisters Mountain Range.

We then moved a mile and a half away to the current day totem pole site.
There is also this cool looking wooden tower across the street,
but I don't know if it is of any historical importance or not.

There were a dozen or more totem poles at the site.

Each one is very decoratively carved.

In this one you can see a masked warrior holding a bear cub in his lap.

Just 6½-miles from our final destination for the day was this Rest Area with a very cleverly decorated trash receptacle. Behind it is a glacier view, but we've seen so many better examples of a glacier this one didn't impress us.

A short fifteen minutes later and we were all set up in our camping spot for the night. It's the Canadian Tire Store in Smithers, BC. Think of it as a combination of a Home Depot/Dick's Sporting Goods and of course a Tire Store. They allow overnight parking at this location and even have a FREE dump station and fresh water fill on the other side of the parking lot.

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