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STOP #287

We left Wilson State Park today, a day earlier than expected, because the forecast for tomorrow is once again 25-30PMH winds. Today the winds are a relatively mild 10-15MPH so we took the opportunity to travel 180+ miles east to just outside of Topeka, KS where we have an appointment to have ROVER checked out to have his timing phasers replaced, again!

It was just over a year ago we had this done while in Florida. This is a known issue with this 3.5L EcoBoost engine we have, but I've been assured the NEW phasers they are installing this time don't suffer from the same premature malfunctioning that the old style ones do. It's all covered under warranty, but it's a PIA taking it in for the two day repair that it required to fix it.

This will delay our push to head towards Alaska by several days, but shouldn't change our arrival date in the state. It just takes the leisure out of our planned travels and now we'll have to endure several back to back 400+ mile travel days. Something we've already done once before when the pandemic shut down all the campgrounds back in April of 2020.

MONDAY - I took ROVER into the Laird Noller Ford dealership in Topeka, KS today and got some really good news. After the Service Advisor listened to ROVER's start up rattle he confided in me that he went ahead and ordered the necessary parts based on what I described to him on the phone last week. The really good news is they have already arrived here in Topeka.

What does that means to us? It means we will be back on the road headed north on Saturday, instead of Wednesday next week. That's huge for us, because we can cut back on our daily travel distances for the next few weeks by about 100 miles a day, putting a little bit of the leisure back into our travels.

It also means I'll gladly have to rearrange a few reservations and pay a couple of small fees, but that's just fine with us!

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