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CANADA: Liard River Hot Springs PP, BC





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COMPLETED - 1876 miles=(3018 kilometers)710 miles=(1142 kilometers) - STILL TO GO

We may have only had a short 40 mile travel day, but we had our first, of what we hope to be many, moose sightings. The image is kind of blurry as we almost didn't spot him in time to snap of good photo, but it's definitely a moose.

He was kind enough to interupt his afternoon snack of eating grass to pose for our photo. Or he was just curious what that big shiny silver bullet looking object was traveling down the highway!

We continued on without any other wildlife sightings to our reserved campsite at Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park. The campground was nearly full when we arrived so I'm glad we reserved a site two months in advance.

Yesterday we took the half mile walk down the boardwalk to the sight of the hot spings, but today we are going to take a dip. Tricia was a little bit shy of taking photos of people while they soaked, so our only photo is of the empty "kiddie end" of the pool where the water flows away and into the marshy area the boardwalk overlooks.

As with all hot springs, the closer you venture up to the source the hotter the water gets. This photo is of the far end where the waters felt similar to a luke warm bath. Up near the source, the water has a posted temperature of 36°C (96.8°F), but it sure felt a lot hotter on our backs with the 50°F temperature of the surrounding air. The cure? Use your hands to pull some of the cooler water at the bottom up, otherwise my feet were cold while the surface felt like it was burning us. - T

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