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CANADA: Muncho Lake Provincial Park, BC





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COMPLETED - 1837 miles=(2956 kilometers)749 miles=(1205 kilometers) - STILL TO GO

We awoke early this morning and got on the road before 7:00AM. Our next planned stop also does not accept reservations and today is the opening day of the season for them. I'm not sure how busy they will be, but I want to make sure we secure one of their 15 sites because we are planning to stay for three days.

It's not a long drive for us today, just over 100 miles, but the scenery is just amazing. I'm sure we'll be pulling over often to take photos.

I sure hope the road curves up ahead, because I'm pretty sure that mountain is not moving.

Just stunning, the rivers are still frozen over.

We did have several wildlife sightings today along our travels.

We came around a corner and this moose was just standing in the middle of the roadway.
Seemed it took forever for him to move to the side and let us pass.

This elk was off the road grazing on some grass.
We pulled by real slow and snapped a few photos before he trotted off.

By 10:00AM we were pulling into the Muncho Lake Provincial Park's Strawberry Flats campground. There was still snow piled up just inside the gate and we saw a Park Service pickup truck in front of Campsite #1. They were just finishing cleaning up the site and getting ready to move on to #2.

We pulled through the gate and got out to talk to the two people cleaning up the sites. When asked if the campground was open they said yes and offered us Site #1. We asked if we could select a different site, perhaps further off the roadway, once again they said yes and would clean it next after we made our choice.

Because our view is out the back of our trailer Campsite #9 was the perfect choice for us. When you look below at the photos I think you'll agree.

They haven't even swept the moose scat off the roadways yet.

Plenty of room for ROVER and THE POD on this site.

Now that's a view I could get used to!

Peterson Mountain dominates the view from anywhere in the campground.

Looking north at the 7.5 mile long Muncho Lake.

There's still plenty of snow on the ground around the campground.

Again! JUST WOW!

We were the first campers of the 2022 season here at Muncho Lake and by later that night we had only two other campsites occupied. They both were in smaller campers, a truck camper and a VW van, so they selected sites at the far end of the campground were the smaller sites are located. We didn't even know they were here until the next morning because we can't see them from our site.

We've got three nights here before we move on to our only reserved campsite in Canada. We were informed by multiple sources that if you don't make reservations there you can expect to arrive to a full campground. We were lucky to reserve two nights about two months ago. They do have some First Come First Serve campsites, but we aren't taking any chances they would accommodate a truck and trailer our size.

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