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COMPLETED - 1730 miles=(2784 kilometers)856 miles=(1377 kilometers) - STILL TO GO

We had only a short 17 mile distance to travel this morning to visit our first planned sightseeing opportunity. The Historic Kiskatinaw Bridge is the only wooden bridge still standing from when the Alaska Highway was built back in the 1940s.

Until very recently it was still open to automobile traffic, but that is no longer the case. In the 1960s the Alaska Highway was rerouted and the bridge was no longer necessary to travel north so it was no loner maintained. Today we walked out onto the bridge and checked out the Peace River far below.

The wooden trussels of the Historic Kiskatinaw Bridge

The 9° curve makes this wooden bridge unique in Canada at the time it was built in 1943.

A close up look exposes one of the reasons why it's no longer safe for automotive traffic.

Quite a while later in our travels today we came over a rise in the road and got our first glimpse of what I thought the entire length of the Alaska Highay would look like. You may recognize it as our new Facebook Group header photo.

Our intentions were to spend the night at the Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Site outside of Fort Nelson, BC. There are only 6 campsites here so we hoped one would still be available when we arrived, they do not take reservations.

We arrived and found 3 of the campsites still buried under 2 feet of snow, two of the other three campsites were already occupied and that left just one site for tonight. Here is a photo of it, obviously we weren't going to fit ROVER "and" THE POD in there, so we had to leave and move on down the road.

Not too much farther down the road we found this empty roadside pullout and it looked fairly level, so we pulled in and got comfortable for the night.

Our dinette view for this evenings dinner.

The next morning we found out we were not alone in the parking lot.
We didn't even hear him come in last night.

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