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Arriving at:
Larry and Penny Thompson County Park
Miami, FL
9 feet above sea level

TRAVEL DAY - 40.6 miles


Back on the mainland of South Florida

We left John Pennekamp State Park this morning with clear skies and sun. But the further we traveled north, the cloudier and darker the skies became. Sure enough, as soon as we finished the check in process at Larry and Penny Thompson County Park, and before we could even find our campsite, the rain begins to fall. Not just any rain, I mean your typical South Florida summertime, buckets full of rain. The kind of rain that dumps 3-4 inches in just 30 minutes and then is done for the day.

All of the campsites here at Larry and Penny's are grouped into what they call pods. A pod is a circular drive of campsites with sites all around the outside of the circle and several sites in the center of the circle. This configuration makes the outside sites like large slices of pizza, small in the front and large in the back, which is fine. The problem arises when all of the inside sites are occupied and there is little room to maneuver your trailer backwards into the outside sites. Throw in the fact that it's raining buckets and we find ourselves with our toughest back in to date. Thirty minutes later we are in our site, not perfectly straight, but still on the pavement.

We have a few things planned while we stay here this week, a couple of National Park visits and a much needed improvement made to ROVER (our truck).

Until next time

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