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Today we had our first 100+ mile travel day since late in October.

We've been traveling in California for a little over a week now and I noticed something very different about the Interstate Highway signs here.

Nearly all of the CA Interstate signposts are made out of wood, to be more specific, redwood.

I researched why and found that the wooden signposts have 2" holes drilled through the base to make them more likely to "break away" if struck by a vehicle. These studies were all done in the late 1960s and wooden signposts have been used almost excusively since that time.

You'd think that in the last 60 years they would have found a product that is more durable, more enviromentally friendly and still safe for vehicle accidents. I guess they have a large amount of redwood trees somewhere here in the state.

About halfway through our travels today, when we were passing by the outskirts of Palm Springs, we saw this large wind turbine farm on both sides of the Interstate. We also saw signs offering a tour of the wind turbines. Once we got all setup on our new campsite I checked it out.

For a $59 fee two adults are given the opportunity to drive through the turbines and get an up close view. There is also an app for your phone that informs you about the history and operation of the turbines. Sadly no vehicle or combination there of are allowed if their combined length exceeds 28-feet.

These tours are offered by the commercial company that owns and operates this particular wind farm, the Palm Springs Windmill Tours. Check out this LINK if you're interested to know more.

If they offered a chance to climb up the inside, or better yet, take an elevator to the top of the 200-foot tall turbine and peek out a window, we might just be driving back sometime this week without THE POD to do the tour. We would then also probably take the 2½-mile Palm Springs Aerial Tramway up to the summit of Mount San Jacinto (10,834' elevation) and enjoy a dinner in the Pines CafĂ© by purchasing tickets for their $38 Ride ‘n’ Dine offer.

Why not? We're always looking for something new and exciting to do in our travels.

Nearing the end of our travels today we entered the large city of San Bernardino (pop. 222,101). I have transfered my prescriptions from the Walmart in Washington State to the one here in California and decided to pick them up inroute to the campsite. It wasn't easy finding a spot to park ROVER and THE POD in their very busy and shared parking lot, but we managed. It's hard to believe it's been nearly 90-days since we arrived back in the Lower 48 States.

Located just north and outside of San Bernardino is a short narrow valley where the town of Lytle Creek (pop. 701) is located. The Applewhite Campground of the San Bernardino National Forest is also in Lytle Creek and that's where we are going to be spending our Christmas holiday this year.

We are only 7½-miles from Interstate 15 and all the grocery stores (including a Costco) and restaurants you could possibly need, but we're actually in a National Forest, nestled between steep mountainsides covered with trees and none of the urban noise and lights that goes along with a city the size of San Bernardino, not to mention that the heart of Los Angeles (pop. 4,085,014 - 2nd in the nation only behind NYC 8,622,357) is only 60-miles west of here.

It feels good to be out of the desert and among real trees again.

Check out the steep mountainside directly behind THE POD and YES,
those pine tree branches are VERY low and we'll have to be VERY careful when we leave here.

Like most USFS campsites we have a picnic table, a stand up grill for cooking on
and a ground grill for campfires. Everything you could ask for at just $5 a night.
There are no electric/water hookups or a dump station, but there are flush toilets,
water spigots and trash receptacles located in both loops of the campground.

Each site also comes with a FREE beautiful sunset most nights!

MONDAY - For the rest of our time here we did pretty much nothin', except rest up for what we have in store for next weekend's activities.

Wait until you see what we have planned for our News Years!

What are your plans for New Years Eve and News Years Day??

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