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Today was our seventh moving day in a row that we moved less than 100-miles. Plus I'll let you in on a little secret, our next two moving days will both be well under 100-miles each.

We've now moved into Southern California, not over by the famous beaches where all the high priced camping is, but rather in the Mojave National Preserve where we are paying just $6 a night.

There is lots of hiking that can be done in this area, but with the daytime highs in the low 40°Fs and each night it reaches just above or below the freezing mark, we'll just enjoy the views from inside our cozy Airstream.

The reason for the lower temperatures is because our current campground location is at an elevation of 4300-feet. At this elevation we are is an area refered to as "High Desert".

With less than 100-miles to travel today it wasn't long before we reached our destination.

There were these ominous clouds hugging the mountain tops.

Power lines running across the desert to supply the few small communities in the area.

This is a National Preserve area, so man-made changes to the environment are few.

Twenty miles deep into the Preserve we reached the campground entrance.

We found that Campsite #4 was plenty big to accomodate ROVER and THE POD.

Every campsite here comes with a raised fire pit and solid picnic table.

Plus, Campsite #4 comes with an outstanding view out the rear dinette windows of THE POD.

Now that we're all settled in Tricia has added California to our Visited States Map
that is displayed on the front of our refrigerator. I'd say it's filling in quite nicely!

TUESDAY - As pretty as this location is during the day, it absolutely comes alive at sunrise.

Yesterday's sunset left a lot to be desired due to the heavy cloud cover, but we're hoping for a photo worthy event tonight so we can share it with you.

There is a small amphitheater located just behind our campsite for Ranger presentations.

This mountain is a dull brown most of the day, but during sunrise, WOW!

You can just see the roof of the Visitor Center on the bottom left.

Too bad it's so cold up here right now or we'd stay longer than just two days.

With the sun setting behind the mountians we don't get that "glow" like in the mornings.

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