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After a short 7½-mile drive to get back down out of the canyon we jumped onto Interstate 15 and headed southwest for 15-miles before merging onto Interstate 10 and driving west for another 10-miles.

Then it was just a matter of getting off at the correct exit and following the signs for 3-miles to the park entrance.

Bonelli Bluffs RV Resort and Campground used to be a privately owned park that was adjacent to a Los Angeles County Park. When they got into financial trouble about 4-years ago (that's pre-COVID) the county purchased the property and have been operating it ever since through a concessionaire outfit.

So this is not your typical County Park! There is a full laundomat on-site, they sell propane and offer storage for RVs and boats. There is a fair percentage of year round residents here that were grandfathered in when it switched from being a private park to a county park, but most of those sites are located in separate loops, with only a few sprinkled in with the daily rented spaces. There are two swimming pools in the campground that are open seasonally and a beach type setting on a large lake.

All of this comes at a price of course! At $77 a night it's well above our average priced campsite, so you may be wondering why we would stay here? Several reasons, but mostly because it gave us the opportunity to meet the organizers of the event we will be attending this weekend (they were staying here too, just two sites down from ours), before we actually arrive with the other 30+ Airstream couples and families.

There are full hookups (water/electric/sewer) on every site so that we can drain and fill our tanks before we head over to the event site for 4-days of privitive camping (NO water/electric/sewer or dump station).

They have hot showers here with unlimited water, a luxury we haven't had at the previous few campgrounds. So for 2-nights we "bit the bullet" and splurged for the upscale accommodations.

It's quite a hazy day here, but when isn't it when you're this close to Los Angeles?

We've even got a fire hydrant on our site, always a plus with wildfires in California.

Behind our campsite we have a view of some multi-million dollar homes across the lake.

If we look off to the north we can see the San Gabriel Mountains and
Brackett Field Airport, a 276-acre general aviation airport that serves the Los Angeles area.

WEDNESDAY - Yesterday we got to meet Margaret, who is leading the organization of this event with the help of her husband Bryan. They are not doing it alone, a second couple that weren't here to meet, will be helping out.

Early this morning they pulled out of the campground and headed over to the event site to get things ready for the rest of us to start arriving tomorrow.

Tricia got up early and took a nice long shower and then gathered up all our clothes and linens, placed them inside of ROVER and headed over to the laundromat. I also got up early and began composing this blogpost, then spoke to Bryan about us volunteering to help out at the event just before they departed.

We made an appointment with a mobile detailer to come out and give THE POD a much needed washing. With two men working as a team they had the job done in just over an hour and THE POD is once again looking good, just in time to show it off to the other owners we are going to meet this weekend.

After they finished we left to go find lunch and a grocery store (in that order) and purchased $217 worth of food for us to eat and share this weekend during the event.

I'm also crafting up a new adult beverage, especially designed for this weekend.

I hope to have the recipe finalized by New Years Eve and if it goes over well at the event, I'll share the recipe here on the blog in the following post.

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