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Rocky Springs campground will be our first stop on the Natchez Trace Parkway. Also this will be our 307th night on the road and our very first time arriving at a campground where we didn't have a reserved site waiting for us. Not only that it will be our first FREE night of camping. At that price we weren't expecting much and because of that we weren't disappointed. The campground entrance was directly on the Parkway (Milepost 54.8) so it was easy to get off and back on the road. The campground itself was OK and the sites were mostly large back ins with just a few pull through sites, but the bathrooms were horrible.

There are actually three bathroom buildings. The first one is out on the Parkway at the turnoff for the day use and picnic area (which was closed), we didn't check that one out. The other two are inside the campground but one of them is all boarded up and unusable. The only one left had no working electricity, so no lights and no hand dryers. It also smelled very musty because there was no ventilation fan working.

I don't know, maybe I expected too much for free, even though it is located inside one of our National Parks.


YEAR #2 - STOP #15

We decided to wake up early and get everything ready to roll down the highway. We did everything except hook THE POD up to ROVER. Since the Mount Locust Inn is only five miles north of here and we didn't get to explore it on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday because it was closed. We are headed over there first thing this morning with just the truck, because there was a sign posted out front that stated NO RVs. We arrived a few minutes after 9:00am when they opened. Turns out there were two RV parking spaces inside the gates that were closed earlier in the week.

The Mount Locust Inn was built in 1780 and was one of the first stops north of Natchez when walking on the Old Trace.

Mount Locust Inn
Mount Locust Inn at Milepost 15.5 of the Natchez Trace Parkway

When we were camped at Natchez State Park a Canadian couple from Ontario pulled into the campsite just across the road from us in a 40 foot Class A Motorhome and a small 4 door car they were towing behind it. I got to talking with the older gentleman while he was working on one of his tires shortly after they pulled in. I offered to help but he told me he was just removing a rock from inside one of his hubcaps that was driving him nuts.

He didn't appear to need help and turns out he was a semi-truck driver back when he was still working, so he was more than qualified to remove a rock from his hubcap. We got to talking and I learned that he and his wife have been snowbirding from Ontario to Texas for the last 15 years. Each year they travel the full length of the Natchez Trace twice, first south and then north. They have seen and done everything there is to do and was a wealth of information of what we would see for the next ten days on The Trace.

We also discovered that we would be leaving on the same day and heading to the exact same campground next. So when we arrived here we at Rocky Springs Campground we once again parked across the street from each other. Since we were only planning to stay one night there didn't seem to be a need to unhook THE POD from the truck, but Elgin and his wife Wilma told us there was a small church and cemetery that we might be interested in seeing located at the top of the hill inside the campground.

It was only a mile or so from the campsites but it was all uphill. When I asked if we could possibly walk up there to see it he offered to drive all four of us up there in his car and show us around. We immediately accepted! I've always said you meet the nicest people in campgrounds.

The Rocky Springs Baptist Church
The Rocky Springs Baptist Church built in 1837

Hard Times
A nine month old casualty of hard times

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