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Jeff Busby Campground is our second stop on our visit up The Natchez Trace Parkway. At our first stop at Rocky Springs Campground we found nice campsites with terrible bathrooms, here we have just the opposite, nice bathrooms but odd campsites. All the campsites here are pull through sites, but it's hard to tell what is a campsite and what is the roadway. Most all the sites are so out of level, both front to back and side to side, that we were unable to set up in them.

It wasn't until the third site, and third time around the campground loop, that we finally found one suitable for our use. We ended up on a site that was at least 300 feet long and wrapped around the back side of the bathhouse, not pretty but it worked for our one night visit.

But once again I have to remind myself, it's FREE!


YEAR #2 - STOP #16

Today's drive was very peaceful and very scenic, just like all the photos and stories I found when researching this trip. We meandered along the two lane Parkway with the cruise control set at 45MPH, even though the posted speed limit along the entire Parkway is 50MPH. There are no stop signs or stop lights on the Parkway, all intersections are either bridges over or under the crossroad. Occasionally a smaller cross road would have stop signs in order for them to cross over The Trace.

All this serenity disappeared when The Trace passed by the capital city of Jackson, MS. For about a 25 mile stretch there was all of a sudden huge amounts of traffic entering and leaving the Parkway at every intersection. They were all very unhappy with my cruising speed and were reluctant to pass because of all the traffic heading in the opposite direction. I sped up to 50MPH for a little while but of course that changed nothing. It seems they are using The Trace as if it were their very own private local speedway to get to work on time, or the gym, or wherever it is they are rushing off to be. Once past the big city everything returned to normal.

Just north of Jackson, MS we were rewarded with a 15 mile stretch of road that follows the shoreline of the Ross R. Barnett Reservoir with it's wide open water views. At the north end of the reservoir is a cypress swamp with a short half mile trail that circles around and through it. This was the perfect chance to relax and stretch our legs before continuing our travels.

The Cypress Swamp
The Cypress Swamp at Milepost 122.0 on The Natchez Trace Parkway

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