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Here at Natchez State Park I must say the check in procedure is different than anywhere we have been up until now. If you have a reservation the signage instructs you to go straight to your campsite and set up. Make sure you know your campsite number before arriving because there are two separate campgrounds here and they have two totally separate entrances.

Campground A are site numbers 1-21 and Campground B are site numbers 22-48. The entrance for Campground A is located on State Park Road and Campground B's entrance is located on Wickliff Road, which is probably where your GPS will lead you. Also the Park Office, boat launch and cabins are located just past the Campground B location. Fortunately there are brown signs directing you to the correct locations.

I don't know why but there is a sign pointing into Campground A on the Campground B/Office road. There should be a DO NOT ENTER sign here as this is the EXIT for Campground A and it's only one lane wide. If you enter here the back in sights will all be pointing the wrong direction and there is no where to turn around. Also do not travel past the office driveway as it is also very tight to turn around at the boat launch area.


YEAR #2 - STOP #14

This is as far West as we are going until late this summer, everything from here on out should be in a North by Northeast direction. The temperatures are getting milder and we are hoping that trend continues, or else we are going to be in for some very cold nights for sure.

We are over here to travel the full length of the Natchez Trace Parkway (only 444 miles end to end). We are going to schedule a bunch of very short layovers and try to explore as many of the historic sites as possible, similar to what we did on the Blue Ridge Parkway last year.

Natchez Trace Parkway
The parkway's southern entrance at Milepost 0 in Natchez, MS



Today we switched things up a little and went and did our sightseeing first thing this morning and will get back to work just after lunch time. A couple of miles from our campsite is the first location of interest for us here on The Natchez Trace Parkway and it's called Emerald Mound. It is an eight acre ceremonial mound built and used by the Mississippian Indians from 1250 to 1600. It stands 35 feet high and has smaller mounds on top that reach another 30 feet into the sky. The view of the surrounding area from the top of that second mound was amazing. It's the second largest such mound still in existence, with the largest one in Illinois which is on our route for later this year.

After spending a few minutes here we were off for our second planned visit. It didn't go as well because they are closed on Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday and or course those are the only three days we are in this area.

Plan B then came into play. Let's go into the town of Natchez for a late breakfast and get our first look at the mighty Mississippi River. We are not going to go across the river today, we'll save for later this year after Labor Day. Our plan was to see the river tomorrow, but things change all the time in this lifestyle we've chosen.

Mississippi River
The Mighty Mississippi River as seen from Natchez, MS



Today Tricia is trying desperately to finish up her work so she can take the next the next two days off. We will be moving quickly with much to see, so it's important she do so. My job is to get things ready to be without electric and water for the next few days which involves a couple of things. I need to add water to our fresh water tank for the first time in four months and also just as a precaution, I'll make sure we have enough propane to operate the generator for a couple of days in case we need to run a portable space heater at night. If the forecasts are even close to being correct we should be just fine without heat!

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