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Meriwether Lewis Campground is easily the best of the three FREE campgrounds on the Natchez Trace Parkway. The bathhouse was clean and the sites were fairly level with back-ins and pull-thrus. The campground is several miles off the roadway so there is no traffic noise to listen to. There is even a convenient place to unhook your toad just before entering the campground. We only stayed two nights and wished we had time to stay longer. The camp host was very friendly and even came by our trailer to offer us a Parkway map in case we didn't have one. He told us he and his wife have been hosting here every March since 2001.


YEAR #2 - STOP #18

Today we were up early and on the road by 9:00AM. We have a relatively short move today of only 83 miles but our next campground is First Come First Serve which means it's best to arrive after everyone who is leaving today has already left, but to arrive before everyone who is planning to stop for the night arrives. That way you get the best choice of available campsites for the night.

We timed in perfectly and score a choice campsite just as the previous tenants were leaving. We set up THE POD and immediately go explore the cemetery where Meriwether Lewis, Captian of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, is buried. A monument has been erected on the site and there is an example of a typical homestead cabin on site.

There a five other points of interest to explore today. Two scenic drives, one on the Old Trace Drive and the Tobacco Farm Drive, no RVs are permitted on these side streets off the main road. They are in very poor condition and not all that scenic, we should of just skipped them.

The other three items on today's list we very much encourage everyone to visit. First is the beautifully reconditioned 1818 era Gordon House Historic site and ferry trail hike. A beautifully reconditioned home which wasn't open for tours this time of the season.

The other two are waterfall hikes, one to Fall Hallow, the other to Jackson Falls. They're only about 1/4 mile each but Jackson Falls is a relatively steep hike down and then back up. Don't miss either one of these if you get the chance to visit.



Another work day for Tricia and for me it's time to gas up ROVER for the next move tomorrow. I spied a Walmart across the street from the gas station so I went in and picked up a few necessities. Guacamole with chips, a dozen brownie flavored CLIFF bars and some Multi-Vitamins for Tricia, some 2032 batteries for our Bluetooth leveler on THE POD and a very small 250-Watt personal sized ceramic heater we will try to run off of our solar charged batteries tonight.

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