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TUESDAY - I'm not sure but I think one of our Facebook commenters (I won't mention any names Missy) may have jinxed us. She commented "Hope y’all are staying cool w all this heat!!"

Well we were doing just fine until you asked! Yesterday was our warmest day of the entire year, 97°F for the high and an overnight low of 67°F, but today and tonight it's going to be even warmer.

In all fairness we did drop over 3600' in elevation during our last move, between Yellowstone National Park and the Walmart in Billings, MT. We'll be losing another 800' in elevation when we land at the Walmart in Miles City, MT tonight.

Another tidbit of information I feel that is worth mentioning is that soon after we got on the road today we surpassed the 50,000-mile mark for towing THE POD around this wonderful country.

But now for the good news! Shortly after getting on the road today we stopped and visited the Pompeys Pillar National Monument. It's one of the few places along the entire Lewis and Clark Trail where they left evidence of their exact route.

On July 25, 1806 Captain William Clark stopped at this location on the banks of the Yellowstone River on his return trip from the Pacific Coast. He carved his name and date into the soft sandstone cliff found here. Today the carving has been protected from the weather and vandalism by sealing it in behind glass in an effort to preserve it for as long as possible.

The Grand Entrance to the BLM's Pompeys Pillar Visitor Center.

On the Visitor Center wall you'll find a replica of Captain Clark's etching.

Outside the back door of the Visitor Center you'll find another replic,
one of the boats used during the Expedition.

But we didn't come here to see replicas!
Let's go climb some stairs and see they real thing up on that pillar of stone back there.

That's more like it!

The view from the top of Pompeys Pillar.
The signature carving is only half way up to the top.

Our visit to the National Monument was concluded before 10:15AM while the outside tempertures were still tolerable enough to climb the stairs up to the outdoor platform.

In no time at all we were back on Interstate-94 headed 115-miles further east towards the Walmart in Miles City, MT.

I'll admit it, IT'S HOT OUT THERE TODAY!

At 3:17PM and our weather station is reporting 100°F ! (21% humidity outside and 12% inside)

That's Tricia sitting in front of an open window on the shaded side of THE POD
with a fan aimed towards her face and an ice pack held against the back of her neck.

45-minutes later Tricia threw in the towel, literally, into the kitchen sink, and announced she was headed back into Walmart where the A/C is FREE.

Let's not ask her is she's happy with our decision to go fulltime on the road, not today, not right now anyway! More importantly, let's not mention it was I who scheduled a night at Walmart instead of the $57-a-night cushy KOA campground with water/electricity just down the street.

FYI - When she returned from cooling down inside of Walmart I offered to move over to the KOA campground for the night and she declined.

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