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THURSDAY - Badlands National Park is pretty much surrounded by the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands property that is managed by the United States Forest Service. There is only one developed campground in this National Grassland and the location where we are camped in is not it.

Just ¾-mile outside of the Pinnacles Entrance of Badlands National Park is one of the premiere FREE camping locations in the entire country. It has been rated a 5-STAR destination on Campendium by most of it's 233 reviewers and a Campers Choice Winner for each of the last 2-years. It has been unofficially named "Nomad View" by the RVing community.

Why "Nomad View"?
I believe these next six campsite photos will help clear that up!

We've got no plans to go anywhere for the next two days. The only reason we unhooked ROVER from THE POD was to raise the front end of the trailer high enough to get level.

With just over 2-miles of gravel road along the rim of the badlands here there is no need to camp close to anyone else.

FRIDAY - Tricia made a good point yesterday when she proposed that since the truck and trailer were already disconected we should go ahead and drive the 8-miles into town and have dinner.

Who am I to argue with sound reasoning like that!

When we got back from dinner around 7:00PM the clouds behind THE POD where amazing.

7:00PM last night

6:00AM this morning

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