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Eagle River Campground
Chugach State Park


After spending three hours at the RV repair business this morning I'm happy to report that our electric trailer brakes have been repaired, we now possess replacement parts if our propane water heater starts acting up again, our shroud that covers our holding tanks has been resecured to the underside of THE POD and we may finally have our anti-sway/weight distrbution hitch properly adjusted to compensate for the lift kit and larger tires we had installed last September.

Yes, all this was done in preparation for our upcoming return to the Lower 48 next month. I still have one more thing I'd like to do to ROVER to make him more capable of towing THE POD, but that will have to wait until this winter.

By 3:00PM we were back at Eagle River Campground to spend another 3-days near Anchorage. The site we gave up two days ago was occupied when we arrived so we selected the site right next door. The view from this site is not quite as good, but it is longer, so it's a better fit for ROVER and THE POD.

TUESDAY - At 4:30AM our alarm clock rang. By 5:15 we had eaten breakfast and were on the road to Anchorage's Alaskan Railroad Train Depot. By 5:45 we had arrived at the depot and picked up our boarding passes. At 6:15 we began boarding the train and at 6:45AM we rolled out of the station to begin our adventure.

That's how our day began!

This was our third Alaska Railroad Tour and we both agreed it was our favorite. If you come to Alaska and only have time the time or the budget to do just one, this is the one you'll want to do!

Unlike the other two trips, which basically just parallel the highway system, this trip has about an hour and a half section where you leave the roadway behind and venture out into the Alaskan backcountry to locations you can't get to by automobile. Along this section there are glaciers, waterfalls and a series of five short tunnels you pass through.

With a 6¾-hour layover in Seward, it's just enough time to take a scenic wildlife and glacier cruise "or" plenty of time to explore the entire town of Seward and visit the Alaskan SeaLife Center using Seward's Free Shuttle to get around town.

Yes, it makes for a long day! We left THE POD in Eagle River at 5:15AM and it was 11:00PM before we were back at the campsite. Given the chance, we'd do it all again!


The weather was clearing as we left Anchorage and the Cook Inlet just after sunrise.
Making our way down into the Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet.
Tricia spotted these two American Bald Eagles perched high up in the trees.
The clouds were getting really dense as we approached our first glacier sighting.
This is Trail Glacier which can only be seen from the railroad.
A little patch of sunlight provided this photo reflection off of Kenai Lake.
This float plane base in Moose Pass is where we had planned to take off from last week.
We arrived in Seward and were greeted by these angry skies.
This sunset welcomed us back into Anchorage around 10:30PM.




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