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STOP #194

After a rather long 269 mile drive, with just a few patches of rain, we arrived at Chicot State Park in Louisianna. As is typical, the park was only about 10% full on this Thursday afternoon and our site is at the very back of the park. We were a little surprised to find another Airstream parked right next to our site.

After setting up we grabbed our chairs and went over to their site to chat. They are also fulltime travelers (from Texas) and have been on the road for nearly the same amount of time we have. We exchanged stories of our travels, them primarily in the west and as you know our travels have been primarily in the east, so much was learned by all.

One thing we learned from them was there are a pair of bobcat kittens living under the deck on the site in between us. We will have to keep an eye out for them this week.

Campsite #74 at Chicot State Park, LA.

WE even have our own private deck!

At 9:00AM this morning Lisa and Keith (the Texas Airstreamers known as Footloose and Fabulous on Facebook) were all packed up and ready to go, finishing up their visit here at Chicot State Park. They were headed a short distance east to camp along the Mississippi River near Natchez.

Time for me to take care of a few errands this morning. First up is heading into the town of Ville Platte to the Post Office to pick up the mail I had sent there four days ago. Next was gasoline, groceries and lunch to take back to THE POD.

As luck would have it, while I was gone this morning, one of the "bobcat kittens" came out from under the deck next door. Tricia was quick enough to snap a few photos for us, but now I'm not so sure they are bobcats. We have tenatively identified them as a tailess domestic breed of cat known as Manx, originally from the Isle of Man, located in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland.

You'll notice the short front legs and the longer back legs.
And of course the whole "no tail" thing!

SUNDAY - Today we scored a trifecta with our campground reservations. We already had our Memorial Day reservations for a park in Nebraska and our Labor Day reservations for a park in Ohio. Today's reservation for the 4th of July was completed at 7:00AM for a park in North Dakota.

It's a big relief to have confirmed reservations for all three of this summer's busy camping holidays. We scored our first choice of campsites in our first choice of campgrounds on each of the three reservations.

That's why we are willing to reserve our campsites so far in advance.
It's the difference between getting A campsite and getting THE campsite.

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