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STOP #196

Those of you that have been paying attention may have noticed we have been moving rather quickly westward across the southern United States for the last month. Moving double, or even triple, what our normal travel day looks like. This is all in an effort to skip over areas where we have visited before and get back to new territory and new adventures.

We were here in Waco last year when the COVID pandemic forced the closure of all the National and State run facilities we intended to visit while in the area.

Now, a year later, everything has reopened and we've returned to see what it is we missed out on last year.

Our lakefront campsite here at Midway Park and a fellow Airtreamer, Dave, on our left.

The picnic table area has seen better days, but the tree supplies plenty of shade even without the roof in place.

FRIDAY - Today is all about the sightseeing, for the first time in a long time.

As you can see from the photo below we were the second vehicle to arrive at the entrance gate this morning. Only Dave, our new friend and fellow Airstreamer from the campsite next to us, beat us to the gate.

You are probable wondering, where the heck are we?

We are waiting outside the gate of the Waco Mammoth National Monument.

Between 1978 and 1990 sixteen Columbian Mammoths were discovered here and excavated for further study. Since 1990 six more mammoths, along with a Western Camel, a Dwarf Antelope, an American Alligator, a Giant Tortoise and the tooth of a juvenile Saber-Toothed Cat have been unearthed.

Unlike the earlier discoveries, everything since 1990 has been left in place and a controlled indoor atmoshpere has been erected over the dig site. It was here where we photographed the bones from a suspended walkway, allowing scientists to futher explore around the site without any obstructions.

After exploring the Dig Shelter we took a short hike through the surrounding area. Who knows, maybe we were walking just a few feet above more of these 14 foot tall, 20,000 pound mammoths just waiting to be discovered?

Our next destination is the Magnolia District in downtown Waco, TX. Thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines from the HGTV show Fixer Upper two entire city blocks and been revitalized into a tourist destination where before only rundown and abandoned buildings existed.

At the now well known silos you'll find a bakery, restaurants, gift shops, home decor items and gardening supplies. You'll also find a family friendly atmosphere with a dozen food trucks, covered picnic tables, a little league sized baseball diamond, a large grassy area for the kids to play on and a relocated/restored historic local church.

They really have transformed the area between 6th and 8th Streets & Jackson and Webster Avenues in downtown Waco into a destination.

But once again enough talk! Here are the photos!


Our first impression after entering the Dig Shelter area.
Notice the walkway suspended from the rafters.
A rear view of the silos from the parking lot.
We of course had to photograph this food truck selling baked goods from a classic Airstream.
This church was relocated from the other side of Waco, then restored and place in The Magnolia District.
They even have a little league baseball sized diamond for the kids.
This 1953 Willy's was shown in several episodes of Fixer Upper and belongs to Chip Gaines.
Two blocks away from The Magnolia District shows signs of further revilization. Used shipping containers are getting a new life as a retail/office space center. Plans are to have residential units on the top floors.

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