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STOP #193

Todays travels had us finally leaving Florida behind, traveling the full width of the state of Alabama and landed us in a familiar spot in Ocean Springs, MS.

We are at the Davis Bayou Campground which is located in the Gulf Islands National Seashore park. We receive 50% off of the camping prices here with our Lifetime Senior Pass, which means for just $11 a night we have water and electric on site, a free dump station on the way out and clean bathrooms with free hot showers. What more could you want?

This is our third time staying in this park because it's also just a short trip down I-10 from here to the Foley RV & Airstream Dealership were we have a service appointment for tomorrow.

We have just a few nagging issues to get taken care of. First off our toilet started leaking a few drops of fresh water every time you step on the foot pedal to flush the bowl. A new toilet and $267 fixed that problem.

The electrical outlet on the top of our bar stopped working. I checked all the breakers and fuses and found nothing wrong. It turns out it became unplugged underneath the back of the bar. They plugged it back in and that was taken care of. I'll remember that for next time it jiggles loose.

The outside plastic exhaust vent from the range hood felt like it was becoming brittle. After nearly three years of sun exposure we felt it was time to upgrade it to a stainless steel version that should theoretically last forever. $125 fixed that issue.

Two of our windows would fail to stay cracked open when placed on the lowest of the three settings. Moving the stops up just a quarter of an inch fixed that problem. Now we will still get some airflow when it starts raining and we have to lower the windows.

Like I said, just a few nagging issues that are finally taken care of!

Davis Bayou Campsite #4

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