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TUESDAY - Like I was just saying, you have to sculpt your plans in jello when you're on the road.

Yesterday we had THE POD all hooked up to ROVER and was just about to pull out of the driveway when we tried to put air into our rear shocks to help assist in carrying the additional load on the back bumper of the truck.

Guess what? Once again the Airlift brand shocks we had installed on the truck have failed to operate properly making it unsafe to travel down the road. This time at least there were two error codes in the app that controls the system to at least give us a clue as to what's wrong this time.

We have a compressor error and a slow leak error. I unhooked the truck and took it to a nearby Service Center that is authorized to install this particular brand of equipment. If I want to maintain my warranty I can only use a select few Service Centers to do any of the work. They were unfortunately very busy and will not be able to even diagnose the problem until late tomorrow afternoon.

On the way back to Tricia's aunt and uncle's house I called ahead to let them know we would like to stay an additional three days in their driveway. Tricia's Aunt Beth seemed just a little bit too happy about the situation, making me wonder if she didn't somehow manage to coerce her very mechanically capable husband into sabotaging our departure.

Just kidding! I think?

The next thing I did was cancel our reservation at a nearby Florida State Park, it would have been our 48th visited park. Guess it will have to wait until next time.

WEDNESDAY - My service appointment wasn't until 4:00PM but I decided to arrive 45 minutes early. As luck would have it they shop was running ahead of schedule and they were able to get me in by 3:00PM.

It didn't take long for them to find the compressor problem. It seems the system has two ground wires, one for the electronics control board and a separate one just for the compressor. The one for the compressor is screwed straight to the truck frame and had managed to work itself loose. They moved the wire to a new and more protected location, then secured it with a new self tapping screw. Hopefully the compressor problem has been resolved!

As for the slow leak error code, they tested all the lines leading from the compressor to the air bags and found no leaks. They explained that possibly the detected leak was going back through the disabled compressor. It sounds plausible, I just hope they are correct.

Anyway it was a cheap repair and as Willie Nelson would say, come Friday we'll be

"Back on the road again".

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